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Additional Commercial Products

Take a moment to browse through these other products and services made available to you by State Central Bank. It is our goal to satisfy your financial needs. 

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Card

This convenient card allows you to check balances, withdraw funds, and make deposits at any of the thousands of ATM worldwide.

  • ATM Card Application 

Automatic Funds Transfer

An Automatic Funds Transfer provides you with a means of moving funds electronically from one account to another or to send money to a payee.

Wire Transfers

A wire transfer gives you the ability to transfer funds from one location to another both nationally and internationally.

Direct Deposit for Payroll

This service allows you to receive funds directly into your savings account or checking account by way of electronic deposit. Direct Deposit is commonly used for depositing payroll checks, social security checks or tax refunds into a designated account. For more information, or to set up this convenient service, please stop by any location and our friendly staff will assist you.

Money Orders

Need to send money via mail? Don't take a risk by sending cash. A State Central Bank money order offers the perfect solution. Our money orders are available in amounts up to $1,000.00 and are accepted same as cash most places nationwide. 


Cashier's Checks

Often times a circumstance may present itself when your personal check is not accepted for large item purchases. A State Central Bank Cashier's Check is the way to go. It is a check that cannot "bounce" because its face value is paid at the time it is purchased. We will then assume the obligation of the check. Our cashier's checks are available in any amount and are accepted same as cash most places nationwide. 

Safety Deposit Box

Your valuables are safe with us when you store them in a State Central Bank safety deposit box. You, the box holder, are the only one with access to your safety deposit box. You can access your box any time during our business hours, and we provide you with privacy when you choose to do so. We have boxes available in a variety of sizes. (Please be advised that contents of safety deposit boxes are not FDIC insured.)

In-House Check Printing

Check Printing is another benefit to having your checking account with State Central Bank. And, when your Really Free Checking account reaches a minimum balance of $100.00, we will issue your first 50 checks free. What's more, some of our checking accounts offer the benefit of unlimited free in-house checks. Just imagine-you would not have to pay for check printing again!


To sign documents requiring an official witness or notary. At most of our locations, we have a notary available for your convenience.

Visa / Mastercard Merchant Accounts

A Service that gives merchants an additional way to accept non-cash payments from their customers. Accept all forms of electronic payment, including EMV Chip Cards and Apple Pay! 

Utilize a complimentary online reporting tool to:

> Research transaction and settlements > Access statements

> View detailed management reports > Track fraudulent activity

Email or call for the merchant account today - / 877-948-9733